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Alana has been instrumental in not only guiding me along my journey of discovering my organizational style, but also working with me during a very difficult time. Her ability to instill calmness and comfort while working among life’s chaos makes her an invaluable resource for all things organizational. She has a great passion for what she does and she is the best in the business.

-Crissida B. San Antonio, TX


I am so grateful for having met Alana! When we discovered that she is an organizational expert, we immediately knew we had to have her services. I am in sales and work from home. The nature of my work lends itself to clutter and disorganization - and that is a very diplomatic way to express it! I have samples of the vast array of products that I sell overflowing all around me, and that often makes it hard to think....let alone maneuver my workspace! Alana's middle name should be Service....or Helpful...or compassionate - because she was all that for us. After a short phone consultation, she visited with us in our home to get an idea what our objective was. She then went on to lovingly and tactfully help me toss out, organize and classify the items that had taken over! She has a wealth of knowledge and understanding of many ways to bring clarity to physical areas and make them work optimally with us, humans! I've since incorporated numerous suggestions and very practical habits she taught me. The investment (not cost) in her time with us has proven to yield great benefits because I am a commissioned salesperson, and if I cannot think, or work....well, you get the picture! Now, the peace I feel in my home office makes it a pleasure to get to work each morning. My productivity has increased noticeably, and the process is a greater pleasure. I highly recommend her services!

-David T. San Antonio, TX

Alana Flurry is great to work with because she is professional, punctual, and a good problem solver.  When she saw the condition of our situation, we did not feel judged.  Instead, she understood our dilemma and worked with us by asking questions to discover our need and guided us in a step by step process to find a good solution for us. She gave us her full attention and helped us organize our office in order to empower us to become more profitable.  In addition to receiving all the practical organizing tips we needed, she provided hands on insights to maintain the order moving forward. We highly recommend Alana Flurry’s services!

-Becky T. San Antonio, TX

Working with Alana was fun and interesting. She has such a great knowledge about organizing. She gets started on a project and really gets going on it. Alana organized my garage after my husband passed away. I had no idea where to start, but Alana got in there and organized all the tools and equipment so that we could decide what to keep and what to sell. I discovered the benefit of being able to find what I was looking for right away and I was able to set up a garage sale with tools and equipment so that customers could walk through and clearly see what we had.

-Linda C. Helotes, TX

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